Scholarship & Research

There’s no better place to pursue intellectual challenges than at the University of Chicago. Here, our culture of free expression and open debate creates an environment where academics thrive.   

General Resources

UChicago is home to a wealth of resources for academic researchers, including two national laboratories—Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory—as well as the affiliated Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, more than 140 interdisciplinary research institutes and centers, and six library locations


For more information on how to receive funding for your research, visit the Office of Research and National Laboratories

Urban and Community-Based Research

As a leading urban research university, the University of Chicago is committed to understanding urban issues and creating a positive impact on urban life. Across the University, scholars examine urban environments in order to inform scholarly and community debate and lay a critical foundation for effective responses to challenges. Partnering with civic and community leaders, we develop evidence-driven, scalable solutions to address the most complex questions. 

Urban and community-based research resources include: 

Translating Research

The persistence and tireless curiosity of UChicago researchers pay off as they formulate original approaches, make breakthroughs, and develop solutions that improve lives around the world. Academics interested in bringing research ideas to a larger audience through commercialization and/or partnership can work with: