New Faculty

The Faculty Development Program is designed for both new and established scholars to find valuable resources to advance their academic careers. The program works to provide new faculty with the information they need to get a strong start with their teaching and research careers at the University of Chicago.

New Faculty Orientation

New faculty members are encouraged to participate in New Faculty Orientation to connect with existing faculty across disciplines and get acquainted with the administrative and cultural structures of the University. 

Held annually, New Faculty Orientation offers tips and resources for navigating Chicago, Hyde Park, and the University. A resource fair exposes new faculty to on-campus technological and research resources, as well as giving them access to health and educational services to support faculty, their partners, dependents, and families while here.

New faculty are also encouraged to enroll in the following courses during their first year to have a well-rounded teaching experience: 

  • Culture of UChicago Faculty Governance Panel
  • Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression
  • Funding Research and Finding a Mentor

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