Newly-tenured faculty retreat helps academics transition to the next phase of their career

April 17, 2019

The road to tenure is a lengthy one, and arriving at the end point deserves to be celebrated. UChicago is dedicated to supporting faculty at all points in the academic lifecycle, including post-tenure. The Newly Tenured Faculty Retreat is designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of recently tenured faculty and offer valuable support and resources as people begin a new chapter of their academic career.

“Our goal is to celebrate the newly tenured faculty’s accomplishments, but let them know that this is just the beginning and we will support their continued growth and engagement within and outside the University,” said Assistant Provost Regina Dixon-Reeves.

The first annual retreat was held on February 7, 2019. All faculty who achieved tenure in 2017 and 2018 were invited to attend. The half-day event began with a luncheon and keynote address by Katherine Baicker, Dean of the Harris School of Public Policy. Two panels featuring senior UChicago faculty followed, addressing the topics “What Comes Next?” and “The Power of Failure.” The event concluded with a reception where deans, department chairs, and guests gathered to congratulate newly tenured faculty on their achievements.

Anna Mueller, Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development, will be promoted to Associate Professor in July 2019. She attended the retreat and said it left her feeling energized and invigorated.

“It facilitated important conversations in a moment of your career that’s known as being a big transition, but isn’t necessarily something that’s often discussed at the department level,” Mueller said. “Being able to come together as a collective across areas was really great, as was the opportunity to hear from more senior faculty. I especially loved the panel on failure, because it’s something we never talk about, yet we all face it at some point.”

Leyla Ismayilova will soon be promoted to Associate Professor in the School of Social Service Administration. She appreciated that the retreat allowed her to network with faculty outside of her academic unit.

"It was so truly inspirational to hear about the most novel and cutting-edge research in completely different fields that is taking place at the University of Chicago," Ismayilova said. "It makes you feel a part of this very unique intellectual environment."

The Newly Tenured Faculty Retreat occurs during the Winter Quarter. Faculty at all levels are also encouraged to participate in ongoing events offered through the UChicago Faculty Development Program, including various workshops and Academic Networks.