The University of Chicago’s Faculty Development Program is led and managed by the Office of the Provost. Key University partners have contributed to its curriculum

Katherine D. Kinzler

Vice Provost for Academic Career Advancement

As vice provost for academic career advancement, Katie’s work focuses broadly on the lifecycle of University faculty and academics, supporting them at all stages and transitions of their careers to help them build and maintain academic excellence, intellectual engagement, and well-being. She leads the University’s Faculty Development Program, which offers a range of programming to provide support and skill-building in diverse areas of academics’ careers and lives.

Ingrid Gould

Senior Associate Provost

Ingrid offers support and advice to faculty members on a broad range of sensitive academic and interpersonal matters in the workplace.

Liv Leader

Director of Dual Careers and Faculty Relocation

Liv works with faculty families on housing, relocation, dual career support, childcare and work/life issues.

Benjamin Ransom

Communications Specialist

Benjamin supports the Academic Communicators Network.

Melissa Sherwin

Melissa Sherwin

Director of Provost Communications

Melissa manages the Academic Communicators Network track of the Faculty Development Program, which helps academics effectively communicate about the impact of their research and scholarship with external audiences.

Michael Tessel

Assistant Provost

Michael provides staff leadership for the Faculty Development Program.

Jonathan Trotter

Assistant Director, Faculty Recognition and Awards

Jon coordinates nominations for faculty honors and awards.

Sarah Willis

Event and Program Manager

Sarah provides event support for the Faculty Development Program.