Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch for Prospective Donors

2:00–3:00 pm
Logan Arts Center Terrace Seminar Room, #801


Your success as a scholar can depend on communicating your work to a range of audiences—to non-experts as well as potential collaborators. Developing an effective, brief elevator pitch can help you secure funding, impact policy, and mentor others.

In this session, Scott Ummel, a leader in helping faculty at UChicago Medicine and Biological Sciences develop their persuasive speeches, will provide insights into the elements of successful elevator pitches. Topics include tips for telling stories and connecting with listeners who are not experts in your subject area. He will share examples of some of his favorite pitches and engage attendees in developing and sharing their own.

The goal of the session is to help you feel more comfortable communicating your personal story in diverse settings, by providing tools and tactics to reach key audiences with the right message.


Academic Communicators Network

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