Translating Lessons on Remote and Hybrid Teaching to the Winter: A Faculty Panel for STEM Disciplines

2:30–4:00 pm


The end of the quarter is an opportune time to think through lessons learned about remote and hybrid teaching during the pandemic. What strategies have proven successful? What challenges have we faced and how have we adapted? What new approaches might we incorporate for winter quarter and perhaps bring back to our teaching once we fully return to face-to-face instruction? A panel of faculty and instructors from various STEM disciplines will share their reflections on these and other questions, leading into an open discussion.

  • Dorian Abbot, Associate Professor, Geophysical Sciences
  • Christine Andrews, Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences Collegiate Division
  • Engin Özkan, Assistant Professor, Biophysical Sciences
  • Adam Shaw, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science

The panel will be moderated by Joe Lampert, Director at the Chicago Center for Teaching and Senior Lecturer in the College.



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