From the Provost

The University of Chicago’s Faculty Development Program supports scholars, builds a collaborative community, and maintains an environment where you can thrive.

Message from the Provost

The University of Chicago has long been known for identifying and recruiting talented scholars and providing them with both the resources and the stimulating, rigorous, and engaging intellectual environment that allows their work to flourish. At UChicago, we are invested in the professional growth and success of our academics as scholars, educators, and members of our campus and local community. For that reason, we have launched the UChicago Faculty Development Program.

Through the Faculty Development Program, we aim to offer resources that meet the needs of our academics throughout their careers. Our program offers opportunities to learn from your peers and outside experts, and to experience our campus and community. Whether you are seeking information about relocation to the Chicago/Hyde Park area, are interested in learning more about the tenure process, want to hone your leadership skills, or want to meet with your colleagues, you will find a number of opportunities available here.

I hope you take advantage of these opportunities for learning, collaborating, and meeting your peers.

Daniel Diermeier
The University of Chicago

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